Рlumbіng Еmеrgеnсіеs – Lіfе Ѕnаkе іn Ваthrооms – Саusеs аnd Ѕоlutіоns

There have actually been numerous serious reports of life
snakes bites in the restrooms. The reason for this pipes emergency situation
case may be: (A) Bad building plan (B) Bad Plumbing installation. Builders need
to ensure that block walls are correctly plastered with well mixed cement
approximately the ceiling level. 

An outer ceiling should be made from strong long lasting
products that will not rotten with time to create opportunity for reptiles to
climb into the roofing system. In the other hand reckless plumbing
installations in your home, has created loopholes for rats, lizards, frogs,
toads, and even snakes to gain entryway into living homes through the bathroom
waste pipelines. 

My concern of such happenings adds more, but usually when
people are bitten by snakes right in their rooms, and sometimes such bites
results to major illness and even death. 

As an expert plumbing technician, have actually gone to many
homes for emergencies but numerous a times discover pipes drain laid into huge
street drainage with no wire mesh or drain trap to cover them at all. 

Just recently, a home other half called me for repairs which
included huge rats entering into her restroom through drainage pipeline. 

Also, another white housewife, a Russian told me how a rat
ran into a toilet seat and escaped through the kept water in the W trap. Some
reptiles in the search of water or cool locations during hot climate, always
trace water from huge gutters and drain pipes into restroom particularly where
we have bushes, forest and swarms. 


I suggest that only certified plumbers with years of experience
need to deal with plumbing setups located at places mention above, products for
such jobs should be of excellent standard with good water seals, example are,
water closets, flooring drains. 

All vents should be covered with stainless or plastic vent
cover with small holes to let out air. ll the baths, sinks, wash hand basin
must be fixed with great resealing traps. 

Νever go into any dark toilet without light. Use
torches where there is no electrical energy, where there is electricity; switch
for bathroom light must be fixed before the restroom door to make it possible
for users to light the room prior to entry. The above suggestions will help to
prevent unneeded pipes emergency situations in restrooms.

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