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IRONMAN 4X4 accessories, have the right product for the right job, enhance your 4X4 with proven products and enjoy the benefits that come with them, from a snatch strap to a winch bull bar, we have it, fitting is available for all products on site. 

Suspension packages. Our large range of suppliers allows us to individually  tailor a package to your suit your needs and budget, from extreme four wheel driving or just going on a country escape, we have what you need.


Suspension Upgrades

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Car suspension and 4x4 suspension play a big part in how your car handles and performs,
Suspension upgrades are a way of getting the best out of your car suspension and 4x4 suspensions, when you do a suspension upgrade it is important to us a quality brand like Iron man suspension for your 4x4 or Lovell’s suspension for your car and 4x4 suspension upgrade. Suspension upgrades should be carried out by a qualified fitter or mechanic to keep in the guidelines of manufacturer warranty, a poor suspension upgrade could result in the vehicle getting damaged or having an accident, Ironman suspension and Lovell’s suspension are leading brands for suspension upgrades and are available from CarTech Steering and Suspension Centre.

Car suspension also requires a qualified fitter or mechanic to carry out your suspension upgrade, always insist on quality suspension parts are used in your car, using the incorrect suspension parts can be dangerous and should be not fitted to the car in any circumstances,

suspension parts that are correctly fitted can give your car that new car feeling when installed correctly.

4x4 suspension upgrades are a great way of getting your 4x4 a strong and durable vehicle, when fitting new 4x4 suspension parts always use quality suspension parts like Ironman suspension and Lovell’s suspension parts and kits, 4x4 suspension when fitted wrong can cause chassis damage and or bad handling, this could result in costly repairs or even a accident.

Lovell’s suspension upgrade kits and Ironman suspension upgrade kits are carried in stock at CarTech steering and suspension centre for your convenience, we carry all suspension parts for most makes and models of cars and 4WD’s also.







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